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Can I Play free slot games online?


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Online slot games are incredibly popular nowadays and that popularity is only increasing. There are so many slot games out there it can be hard to know where to begin when jumping on the online slot game wagon.

Do I go for something themed to my specifications? A licenced movie slot perhaps. Or do I try a low stakes game to get the feel for online casinos? After all you don’t want to be turned off by losing heaps of money.

What if I told you that you can find the perfect slot game for you by sampling free slot games online? There are methods out there and here are some ways that you can get started in the world of slot site uk, all for free.

Deposit for Slot Games

Demo slot games

To get players on board with a new slot games, slot developers will release a demo version of the game. This is a version of the slot game that is entirely free to play and allows players to sample the slot before putting down money to play.

Not only this but the slot developer can make players aware of the slot game and advertise it in an engaging way. It is a way to play slots that benefits everyone.

If you search through some of these demos, you can easily play free slot games online. There are hundreds to choose from and you play online from all over the world. Want to play slots UK but you are in the USA? No problem. Just head to the web and search for demo slots and you can easily play to your hearts content.

It may only be a small portion of the overall slot game but that is better than nothing.

Signing up to online casino sites

With the rise in online slot games, there has also been an accompanying rise in casino sites to house them all. It just makes sense. But how do you know which site to visit to play slots UK? How can casino sites ensure that slot players choose their site? To do this they offer all manner of sign up bonuses.

A casino site may offer players certain limited features when you sign up to play slot games on their site. These can be a small deposit bonus which gives players free credit to play with, doubling the amount that you sign up to play with or offering free spins on certain slot games.

That is how you can play free slot games online right now. By taking advantage of these slot site offers, you can sign up to as many casino sites as you want and use the free spins to sample and play free slot games. Or you can use the deposit credit system however this is rather limited.

Not every site will offer free spins as a sign up bonus so you will have to be selective with casino sites but these offers are quite popular so it shouldn’t take that long to get your free spins.

You may even enjoy it so much that you put down some of your real money to continue.

No withdrawing winnings

The downside to utilising these methods of playing free slot games is that you may not be able to withdraw the money you win on the slots you play.

Since you are not depositing a real currency, it stands to reason that places such a Slots UK are savvy enough not to allow you to withdraw when you play with nothing. It may sound harsh but casino sites do not succeed by handing out free money.

That being said, you are still getting all the enjoyment of playing online slot games when you play a demo or use free spins. The only difference is that the rush of winning is somewhat muted as you aren’t actually winning anything.

If winning money is not that tantalising then go ahead and use these ways to play free slot games. You may just discover your new favourite slot game.


To answer the initial question, yes. There are ways to play free slot games. In fact it isn’t that difficult at all. The only addendum is that there are no ways to play free slot games and win large sums of money. You stand not to win any money at all. 

Although this is the case, playing Slots UK is heaps of fun and isn’t that a reward in itself?