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Gambling Regulations UK Explained

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Gambling, in one way or another, is one of the oldest pastimes in society and dates back way beyond even record. A fun way to spend time with one another and a even a way to make money for the lucky few, it has been a controversial topic over history and laws and legislation around gambling have been updated and changed several times in various different countries.

In fact, gambling is not even legal in every single country across the world and this in itself is something really interesting when you consider that to some people, it is merely a sport. Rules on gambling can tend to change depending on what part of the world you are in. In the UK, gambling has been going on for a very very long time and has been regulated for along time too. In this article we will be looking a little deeper at the gambling regulations in the United Kingdom and seeing how they differ both online and off-line when it comes to having a flutter.

We will also be looking at how UK online slots gambling laws compared to other countries as well as compiling a list of countries why gambling is illegal. Another interesting part of gambling regulation is that some countries have their own laws around gambling but will allow UK gamblers to bet online using online casino providers from their home country, even when they are staying within their borders for something like a holiday or work trip. This will be another section of the article as well.

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All forms of betting are legal in the UK

At the time of writing all forms of betting are legal in the United Kingdom. In comparison to other countries around the world the U.K.'s gambling laws are very lenient and this in turn has helped the United Kingdom to grow a very strong gambling industry that has produced many revered online casino sites and bookmakers. The keyboard of the U.K.'s gambling laws Centre around how old someone must be in order to gamble legally.

In the United Kingdom you must be 18 years of age in order to gamble legally. This will cover all forms of gambling from scratch cards that you can buy in cornershops, lottery tickets, using a land-based casino, and of course, having a flutter online of via smartphone app online casino slots games website such as UK Slots.

Has leaving the EU changed UK gambling law?

The UK is no longer a member of the European Union and this change has seen many aspects of British law subject to change. However, the European Union allows for its membering nations to choose their own gambling legislation and as such there have been no changes to UK gambling laws since the country left in the European Union. In the EU to gambling laws of each mentoring state at tend to vary, with some nations having very similar gambling laws to the UK, some countries only allowing off-line gambling and some countries not allowing gambling altogether.

Countries where online gambling is legal by the local regulator

As mentioned every country has the right to set its own gambling laws. With that said these are some of the countries of in accordance to the local regulation. This is information worth knowing as when you are travelling to other countries this may impact on your gambling experience even if you are playing online using an app from a UK casino company.
















Sri Lanka



Reunion Island

Antigua and Barbuda






Virgin Islands (USA)

Falkland Islands

French Guiana

French Polynesia

New Caledonia

Wallis and Futuna Islands

UK Gambling Laws Online versus Offline

Gambling law does not differ greatly from offline to online but one of the one key differences between online and offline gambling laws is the fact that to gamble online, you must not only be over the age of 18, but you also be able to provide a UK residency address.

This is fairly recent addition to UK gambling law was made to tighten restrictions on online that gamblers who could possibly be underage. But similarly there are very detailed regulations in gambling law and privacy law that mean that online casinos must not share this information with the public.

However when it comes to online gambling there are of course other factors to consider that have become part of the regulations for the British gambling commission. Do you tend to be concerned with technical factors such as random number generator software, showing plays the return to play a percentage that each game has, and in legitimate of a fair game and as such a safe and responsible gambling experience.

Gambling Act 2005

The most comprehensive amount of information to be found on UK gambling law can be found as part of the gambling act 2005. Written in 2005 but updated regularly since this legislation is an incredibly detailed collection of all the UK gambling laws since the most recent overhaul which took place in 2005. This was the time when online gambling was a fairly new sensation and as such new gambling legislation was needed to ensure UK gamblers were being treated fairly and safely online when gambling their own money.

British Gambling Commission

Without a doubt the most important organisation in UK gambling is the British gambling commission. This is a branch of the government which concerns itself exclusively was gambling in this country and making sure that all casino brands uphold the many laws and regulations that exist. All offline and online casino brands must adhere to the legislation set out by the British gambling commission and in doing so, players are afforded a safe and responsible while gambling in this country.

We hope that this article has been informative and given you more information about where to look for deeper knowledge on UK gambling law.