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How to play Online Bingo?

How to play Online Bingo?

How to play Online Bingo?

Picture it: you are lying on your favourite couch with the football on, you have a piping hot vindaloo in front of you and life is nothing but sweet right now. The last thing you want to be doing is leaving the house for any reason, but the idea of bingo does sound lovely.

How can you play bingo without leaving the house and spilling your curry everywhere? This is where online UK bingo comes in, to take all the good parts of playing bingo whilst leaving you with the satisfaction of not having to move a single in, except maybe to grab that laptop

Getting into Online Bingo in the UK

Setting up your online bingo account and starting spinning is easier than pushing the dauber down on the lucky numbers, but winning is up to you, your tickets, and how lucky you are feeling. Follow this instruction guide on how to get going with online bingo and you will soon find that the wins come straight to you:

  1.       Sign up/Log in – If you’re a regular at Slots UK, log in with your already existing details! If you’re a new bingo member then create an account by selecting the signup option, enter your personal and banking details, and now you have got access!
  2.       Select the bingo game – There may be tonnes of bingo games just itching for you to get on in and so they might be offering different deals and rewards for playing their game, choose the one that suits a high roller like you.
  3.       Take it out for a test run – Loads of online bingo games have a free play version so you can play without placing any real dosh so you can decide which is your favourite.
  4.       Put down the cash – When you have finally carefully decided which game is the one that’s going to make you that bread, buy as many tickets as you want and good luck… remember, the more tickets you get, the higher your odds of winning are! 

How is live bingo different?

Live bingo is very much like what it sounds like – it emulates a more ‘live’ online experience of bingo, meaning that the host will be a real-life person who interacts with the participants through a webcam! We love this feature – it’s beneficial for all sorts of reasons including:

  • Providing a more authentic bingo experience
  • Entertaining hosts
  • Truly allowing the social feel of bingo to shine

Bingo has come a long way since the first cards were filled in, and for the last decade or so we have been able to access bingo sessions on our phone or computer whenever we wish. However, it just wasn’t quite the same – no social features, no entertaining host – it just didn’t feel very authentic. The introduction of live online bingo has been an absolute game-changer, and we recommend you give it a try to see what you’re missing out on!

Now you know how to play online bingo you can jump straight in and start virtually daubing in your numbers.

Online bingo has surged in popularity due to its ease and comfort, you no longer have to move from your house and can even pay whilst on the go, you can have all your favourite things around you and you do not have to get a bus or walk. We are sure that you are going to love playing and winning at online bingo more than anybody else. Best of luck!