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When going with the pay by phone route it’s always important to understand the lay of the land. It’s a thriving market is this whole pay by phone casino thing, which can make it somewhat difficult to navigate and navigate safely. This is where we come in. We are here to provide simple tips and tricks that you can put to work whenever using a pay by phone casino, trust us, we know our stuff.

We’re going to be talking about everything from Boku to what pay by phone casinos even are — mostly for the benefit of new players looking to learn more. It feels like every day that a new pay by phone casino site appears, so it’s never too early or too late to pick up on the inner workings of these providers. Now, let’s not waste anymore time.

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The Pay By Phone Trend in 2021

Say hello to the future of online gaming! It only took a few decades but here we are, playing slots from the comfort of a mobile phone, crazy how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time, isn’t it? Only seems like yesterday when all the big devs started porting over one or two games, now almost every slot in their catalogue has a mobile version. Now we’re at a point where pay by phone casinos exist. 

At the end of the day this was all inevitable when you think about it. Technology is adapting every single iota of our lives, this includes entertainment, and most notably, the online gaming industry. Meeting client demand requires change, which is mostly good, but there are certain things to keep a look out for off the back of this — hence why we’re going over everything for you today.

What Are Pay By Phone Casinos?

In short, pay by phone casino uk allow you to pay for games by using your phone bill as the main source of payment. If you’re still confused think about registered charities and how they accept payment. Charities normally ask you to pay via a specific text message, you’d then state how much you’d like to donate and the payment would happen then and there. This is essentially the process for pay by phone casinos.

These sites have only made gaming more accessible and more streamlined since coming on to the scene. Gone are the days of playing fruit machines in pubs, now you can play off your phone paying for it without using a credit/debit card, crazy ain't it? Almost all mobile networks participate too, so if you do have any concerns it might be worth dropping them a message — it’s what they’re there for!

It goes without saying, but to use a pay by phone casino you will need an active phone number that’s in your name, and access to the internet — any smartphone is perfect for this. Sites will ask you to create an account as you would on any other casino site,  but from there anything you do money-wise will be SMS based — just remember to have data if you’re gonna try it out.

Secure Gaming

Almost every pay by phone free slots UK site you come across — notably those with Boku — will have a deposit limit, this is purposeful. Phone bills tend to be expensive in their own right before you start adding more on top of that. Since you aren’t pulling from your bank account directly it can be pretty easy to get carried away. This is why there is a £30 cap on deposits. Like we said previously too, it’s all SMS based which is pretty secure.

What is Pay by Boku?

Boku is an important mobile processing company, regarded by many to be the most secure out there in pay by phone land. Whether you are on a fixed contract or pay as you go, Boku will cater towards you. One of the great things about Boku is their failsafe feature, this allows punters to text ‘STOP’ or ‘CANCEL’ for certain payments. If you send this message in time, any transactions will be voided and you won’t be billed.

We’d always recommend finding a site using Boku, it’s just a lot safer in our opinion and it guarantees quality in the sorts of casino slot games you’ll be playing on these pay by phone casino sites. We’ve heard horror stories from friends/customers who’ve played on pay by phone casino sites and have gotten scammed — this has never happened to us with Boku by our side.