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Progressive Jackpot slots vs Fixed Jackpots


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So you’ve decided to aim for the big time have you? Well, there’s no better bonus to chase than the illusive jackpot! It’s not common knowledge, but there are actually different versions of the jackpots that you can chase, each with their own quirks. They all pay out absurd amounts of money all the same, but it’s worth knowing the differences — it will help you pick the right kind of games, fitting for your own play style.

In the world of online gaming you have two major jackpots to chase; you have progressive jackpot games and fixed jackpot games. Jackpots in any game you play will heighten the stakes drastically, this is purposeful on the part of the developers. Jackpots equal interest, and the more interest you show the more inclined they are to add jackpots to sweeten the pot.

Consider this a crash course of sorts. Here we’ll give you the lowdown on what each jackpot does and the characteristics of them. This is essential reading for anyone out there looking to break the bank in some of their favourite slots uk titles! Let’s not waste anymore time, here’s everything you need to know about progressive jackpot slots vs fixed jackpots!

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Progressive Jackpot Slots

We’ll start by breaking down what each jackpot is about before comparing the two. Progressive jackpots are interesting as they constantly build the more you play certain slot games. That’s right, a tiny percentage of the amount of money you put down to play is invested back into the game, adding to the big pot you see when entering certain games.

The great thing about progressive jackpots is they count for every site hosting the game, meaning the jackpot amount isn’t capped out at one particular site! You’ll find that with progressive jackpots, the grand prize sits in the millions range, increasing every minute, of every hour, of every day! Crazy to think about, ain’t it? You hear of people’s lives changing forever from one spin on their favourite slot.

So how do you win a progressive jackpot? Every progressive jackpot slot you come across will utilise a RNG system that generates a unique code that only match one lucky players game. This makes it almost impossible to hack as there are so many combinations out there to choose from, and the winning number is constantly changing.

Most slots you come across will have a progressive jackpot attached, but it’s worth checking just to make sure. The help section will be your guide for this info, unless otherwise stated. Casino sites will often brag about having certain progressive jackpot games listed on their site, again making it pretty simple for you to find the right game for you.

Slots with Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are the polar opposite of the progressive jackpots we’ve just touched on. With fixed jackpots what you see is normally what you get. The amount is set by the people in charge and it neither increases nor decreases (unless someone wins it all of course). Sometimes referred to as: ‘non-progressive jackpots’, fixed jackpots tend to offer a bit more stability compared to progressive jackpots.

What we mean by this is fixed jackpots tend to offer multipliers in most cases versus a cash amount. Fixed multipliers can throw scores to the moon and back if you’re playing on a high bet amount; it all depends on how adventurous of a player you happen to be! Spinning your favourite fixed jackpot game could actually net you a hell of a lot more money, in comparison to you chasing a progressive jackpot.

Similarities Between these Jackpots

Regardless of the bonus, the likelihood of you spending quite a pretty penny in chasing these bonuses is quite high. Think about it, with fixed jackpot games you will no doubt want to play on the higher amounts to try and really take advantage of those multipliers. The same goes for progressive jackpots where you’ll constantly be playing and chasing the big one — adding to the lump sum as you go! In case it wasn’t clear: you will need to dedicate a lot of time if you want these jackpots.

Fixed vs Progressive Jackpots

It’s such a cop out answer, but it depends on the player. If you are someone who plays frequently and enjoys the idea of competing with other players over an ever-increasing pot, then go the progressive route. If you like netting big wins in small doses but doing it more consistently, then a fixed jackpot is tailor-made for you.