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If you’re a fan of both bingo and slot games then look no further than Slingo. Of all the attempts to combine maybe the two biggest games in online casino over the years, Slingo has definitely been the most successful and that is simply down to the fact that it is the best.

There are a few games in the Slingo series, and later on we are going to let you know which ones are the best to check out. Even better than that, we’re going to explain how you can play Slingo completely free of charge.

So, stick around and check out our guide to how to make the most from Slingo free play on this uk slots site!

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How to Play Free Slingo for Free

When it comes to playing slot games online for free, including Slingo free play, there are a couple of ways in which it can be achieved. One of these is to go down the route of a demo slot.

To play Slingo free via a demo slot, it really is as easy as heading over to the website of the guys who made it, Slingo Originals, and finding the version of Slingo that you want to play as a demo, and hitting the demo button.

Not all of the games on the Slingo Originals website are available to play via demo so you can’t play all Slingo free, but at least you can get an idea of what the game is like before you do try to win some real money from it in whichever way you choose to do that. And that is the whole purpose of a demo slot - to give a preview of the game.

The only downside to the use of a demo slot over a full-paid casino slot is that you can’t actually win any money from one. Any reference to money is purely to show you what it would be like to stake money and win money in the real game - it’s not real.

There is actually a way that you can win real money with Slingo free play though… so stick with us.

Slingo Bonuses & In-Game Free Spins

For those of you who don’t know much about what Slingo actually is, let’s take a look at it in a bit more detail. It has a unique combination of both bingo and slots that can be, at first, a little confusing. However, once you’ve got the hang of the rules, it is a huge amount of fun to play.

This is another reason that playing Slingo free play before spending your own money on it is a good idea - it’s always wise to warm up for Slingo so that you don’t waste anything.

In terms of its stats, you can read all about them below:

  • RTP - 95% tends to be the going rate for Slingo games. If you compare this to slots, it doesn’t look too great, however when compared to bingo this is substantially higher than average.
  • Variance - low. The wins can come thick and fast in a Slingo game but it is unlikely that you will win a fortune.
  • Bonuses - the game is kind of a bonus in itself, so in its nature, it would really not be possible to have bonuses in it.

Playing Slingo Free Online

The best way to actually win cash from Slingo free play would be to make the most of an online casino site welcome bonus offer. While there are none specifically for Slingo (to our knowledge) one tactic that you can make the most of is to win some free spins from a free spins no deposit welcome offer or a deposit required welcome offer and then use the cash that you win from those free spins to play Slingo for free.

You can do that right here at Slots UK, where it is super easy to spend just £10 and open the Royal Chest with your first deposit. The top prize on offer from that is 500 free spins to play on Starburst - just imagine the amount of stake money for Slingo that you could accrue from all of those; you can also use your free spins winnings on 900+ other casino slots games

Free Slingo Originals Games

We mentioned that we would point you in the right direction when it comes to the best Slingo games to play for free, and we reckon that the top 5 would be the following:

  • Slingo Classic
  • Slingo Carnival
  • Slingo Friends
  • Slingo Berserk
  • Slingo Lucky Streak

There are tonnes out there, however, so find the one that suits you best! Good luck with Slingo free play.