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The benefits of playing mobile phone slots


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With the capabilities of rapidly advancing technology we can now play slot and casino games in so many different ways. First the games were moved onto an online format, meaning that we can log on to numerous sites and play a variety of slot games to our hearts content.

Next came mobile phone slots. Since the advent of the smart phone we all have access to the internet on our phone, meaning we can play slots on mobile.

How is this different to regular online slots and how does it benefit the player?

Deposit for Slot Games

Pay by mobile slot games

An advantage of mobile phone uk slots is the unique way in which we can pay for the experience. Instead of setting up an online casino account to deposit money into to play, the player can choose to pay using their phone bill to play slot on mobile.

This means that the money that you deposit will be added to your monthly phone bill instead of having to add your bank details to another site. This has many security benefits as a third party like Slots UK does not gain access to your card details. As much as they try to remain secure there is always a chance of being hacked online. With Pay by mobile slots this risk eliminated entirely.

However, the player can only deposit money that they play with this way. Withdrawals are still made via an online casino account. So, whilst Pay by mobile slots games reduce the security risk, it does not abolish it.

Convenience of mobile phone slots

Another benefit to playing slots on mobile is that you can do so anywhere at any time. Your smart phone can gain access to the internet from anywhere with a valid Wi-Fi connection. That means that you can easily log onto Slots UK and play slot games in a café, at a friend’s house or on the bus.

With mobile phone slots we are no longer routed to one spot. The only option isn’t sitting with a crooked back at the home PC. You can play slots on mobile on the move and that is a wonderful thing.

Different gameplay to android slots

One thing that has come a long way alongside the smart phone is the technology of the games themselves. The slot games are no longer routed to one screen of a physical machine. The game can include many environments at once as slots on mobile are able to swap to all manner of different screens and areas at any moment.

This means that mobile phone slots can include a variety of different bonus features and backgrounds to make the slot game more versatile and fun experience. If you want to see this in action for yourself then try going to Slots UK on your mobile device and searching for slot games powered by android. You won’t be disappointed.

Social benefits

Combine the benefits provided by pay by mobile slots and the added convenience of mobile phone slots and you can easily see how this method of playing slots on mobile can be a much more social experience.

For example, pay by mobile slots take away the need of logging onto an account to play. You can easily hand your device over to a friend and give them a go. They do not need a password to your online casino account as you won’t need one. You are paying by the security of your phone bill.

Also, you are taking your smart phone anywhere. That means that you can play anywhere at any time with any one. Groups of friends no longer need to crowd around one machine or PC monitor. You can pass the device around and all play mobile phone slots together. A great way to play online slots.


Playing mobile phone slots has so many benefits it is astounding that more people aren’t doing so. With the added security benefit of pay by mobile slots, the convenience and social advantages this method has a lot going for it. Add to this the newer android games being developed for the system and you have the future of online slot games right in your own pocket.

I’m sure that I have already convinced you of the wonderful benefits that mobile phone slots have to offer so what are you waiting for. Log onto Slots UK from your smart phone now to find out what you’re missing out on.