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Top 5 Payment Methods for Mobile Casino

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Mobile casinos offer a wide range of different payment methods so that they are able to take many different types of players into consideration. This means that their footfall can increase so the popularity of their site can increase at the same time, so it is in their best interest that they are always on the lookout for the next best payment method for their online casino.  Players always take into consideration the payment options before signing up to become affiliated with a particular site so the more options available, the more players will join. Simple logic when we understand the reasoning behind it all. So what are the most popular deposit by mobile methods for the casinos?

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Mobile Casino and MasterCard

Mobile slot site uk most widely use MasterCard as an accepted method for depositing credit and successfully process an average of 23 billion transactions every single year. They are a popular option with mobile slots and mobile casino users due to the high-security protection and the fact that they are so easily accessible as they are something that the majority of users already have prior to gaming online. 

As most UK high streets have MasterCard associated banks within their towns and cities, these banks are commonly used on a day to day basis so are already recognised and trusted names.  Popular examples of MasterCard banks are RBS, Barclays and Halifax but can also include Lloyds, NatWest, Santander and many others. 

For people who are wanting to spend larger quantities on money playing on online casinos, this is often the preferred method for transferring cash into credit as they have the protection of both their chosen online casino and their trusted bank. They are also able to increase the safety measures that are in place if they choose to do so as they can add a SecureCode, mobile verifications, and there is also a 24/7 fraud squad available should they ever need their services.

Mobile Pay by Phone Casinos

Mobile casinos are using the latest method of payment for their online casinos which is the pay by phone casino or pay by mobile casino. To be able to use this method for crediting your online casino account, all you need to have access to is a UK sim card.  Many players who have previously had difficulty in accessing gaming online have jumped at this opportunity because they do not need to have a bank account to be able to use this method and this is the only credit method that allows you to do this. Players also like this new method if they are wanting to remain anonymous for their online casino play or if they want to keep their gambling activity private from other people.

Mobile PayPal Payments

Mobile casino credit top-up was not the original intention for PayPal, as it was initially designed for the fast and reliable purchasing of items that had been won on eBay.  But it has now become the most popular way to increase credit in a chosen online casino. This is because there is no need to keep entering bank details and there is no worry that any personal, private or financial details will end up in the wrong hands due to the single password that you have set up yourself in order to permit the transfer to go through.

Mobile PayPal has another pro that it has its own app so that it is really easy to see all of the transactions that have been made through it so that a player can keep an eye on their online casino spending. However, the one drawback with using PayPal is that the withdrawal time can take longer than many other systems as it can take a minimum of 24 hours for you to see your winnings in your account which players often find frustrating.

Mobile PaySafe Card Credit Transfers

Mobile PaySafe Cards is one of the newer additions to the credit access wallet.  They help players in a similar way that a pay as you go mobile phone top-up card would so enable each player to keep a very close eye on their spending in a casino online. These are ideal solutions for players who do not have a large bankroll, have small quantities of disposable cash or who know they have a tendency for having an addictive personality.

Mobile PaySafe Cards work by increasing credit when you go to a shop which provides you with a voucher, just as they would for a pay as you go mobile phone credit voucher.  Once this voucher has been purchased, a 16 digit code will be given to you which needs to be entered on your chosen online casino site. Within minutes, the credit you purchased in the shop will then be visible on your online casino account. If players are looking for a way to limit their spending on online casinos, this is a great way to do so.

Mobile Casino Credit Cards

Mobile casino used to have credit cards as their most popular credit method, but this method has recently been denied due to the fact that it was thought that this was adding to the gambling addiction problems in the UK.  To some big-time bankrollers, this has come as a bit of a blow, but for many players, this has been a saving grace, as it has stopped them from spending money on online casinos that they simply cannot afford to be spending.

Mobile casinos stopping the use of credit cards is hoped that the decline in gambling addiction will become apparent in the near future.  It is also hoped that commonly associated issues such as depression, financial ruin and in some severe cases, suicide, can be avoided as well.  Once disappointed players learn that credit cards have been ceased from online casino use for their own protection and not to stop them from having fun playing on their favourite slot games online or mobile casino game of choice, the outlook on this big decision will be very different.

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