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What are the differences between Slots UK and the rest of the world?

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Now that slot games are available to be played online it has definitely become a more world wide experience. This is a major advantage to us players as we can play slot games developed by all sorts of different countries. It offers a fresh perspective and a wide variety of games. We can see different cultures reflected in these games and learn so much.

The main reason for this is that gambling is different in different countries. There is no set standard. With this in mind let’s look at UK online slots and how their country handles online slots.

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Legal age in the United Kingdom

The main difference across the globe when it comes to playing slots and casino games is the age at which you are allowed to start playing. This usually coincides with the age that you become a legal adult. In the USA that age is 21, in parts of Europe it is 16 and in some parts of Asia the legal age can be as low as 13. That is the age that players in these countries can log on and play slots online.

To play slots UK the player needs to be 18 years of age or older. That is the legal adult age in the UK and so that stands to reason.

Online casino sites will check your IP address to determine whether or not you are old enough to play depending on the country in which are based. This is both extremely clever and designed to keep gamblers safe. You don’t’ want to run up a large bill illegally after all. Casino sites have your best interests in mind by setting these age restrictions.

Other Slot UK laws

Another fact that you may be unaware of about the UK is that advertising gambling was only made legal in the last 20 years. That means no pop up ads for Slots UK in the early days of the best slot games or TV ads and so it was a very niche past time back in the day.

Now that it is legal to advertise, the gambling industry in the UK is thriving. Not only are more people hopping online to play Slots UK but betting shops are more popular than ever. After all, let’s not forget that physical slot machines still exist. Almost every major high street has multiple betting shops to frequent.

Fruit machines galore

The most popular game in the UK has always been the fruit machine. As I mentioned with the legal ages, the types of slot games available reflect the country as well. The USA favour fast paced single button slot machines that are present in Las Vegas and Japan are into heavily themed slot games. Slots UK is all about the fruit machine.

In almost every UK pub there is a fruit machine in the corner lit up like a Christmas tree and gambling is more of a social affair. Slots UK online reflect that. Slots UK sites usually feature several variations of the fruit machine game, each more complex than the last. You will forget that you are playing a fruit machine game when trying out some of these wacky ideas and you won’t be disappointed.

UK Slots are Social slots

As alluded to before, Slots UK are more of a social activity. They are meant to be played in a pub with a crowd, after all, before the boom of betting shops this was the only way to really gamble. That means that the slots have more bells and whistles, more ways to play to keep a group engaged rather than the single, big win gamble.

Slots UK put the focus on fun rather than winning. As a result the RTP rates for their slot machines are lower than that of games made in other countries. It is not hard to assume that USA machines want to capture the big wins of Vegas.

Last Notes

The main thing to take away from Slots UK is that they are built with fun in mind. You won’t necessarily win big, or get much variety but you will certainly have a good time. Another thing is that Slots UK are a relatively new concept to the country. They are excelling in the field already so give it time and Slots UK may just become the most successful and popular slot games around.

What are you waiting for? Hop on board with Slots UK today.