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What exactly are scatter slot games?

Scatter slots

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There are a number of terms and concepts thrown around when discussing online video slot games on sites like Slots UK. Since there are so many ways to play slots and so many things to consider when trying to win as much as possible that some things can completely go over player’s heads.

One such thing is the idea of a scatter slot game. What is it and what does it mean? More importantly, can it help me win?

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Scatter slots

In many online slot games there is the scatter symbol. This is a unique symbol that appears on the reels and is usually very easy to identify. What we mean by scatter slot games is that an online slot game that has a scatter symbol feature. Not all slots have this feature and that is why we have to distinguish by using this term.

That is all it really means. Visit some slot games via slots UK to see if you can identify some scatter symbols. It is easier than you think.

What does the scatter symbol do?

The idea behind a scatter symbol in a scatter slot game is that it appears to offer up a new action for the slot game or the player. This can be taking the player to a new screen to take part in a bonus round. That is the most popular use of the scatter symbol.

The scatter can also trigger something entirely unique to a slot game. It is really up to the developer but the arrival of the scatter symbol can award the player with a re-spin of the reels, cause certain symbols to fall of the reels or boost the players multiplier.

The possibilities are literally endless and that is what is so special about the scatter symbol. It can be used for anything and players should always get excited when stumbling across a scatter slot game when playing slots UK. You never know what might happen.

Is there only one scatter symbol per scatter slot game?

The short answer to this is no. A slot game developer can include as many scatter symbols as they wish. This can add up to all sorts of variety in a game and is why online slot games are so popular. There is even the option in some scatter slot games to match these symbols across a pay line to win specific jackpots.

That is probably one of the best uses of the scatter symbol and I highly recommend playing some slots UK to see this for yourself.

The relationship between the wild symbol and scatter

Another unique symbol in slot uk games is the wild symbol. Like the scatter symbol, the wild has its own specific function. When landing this symbol across a pay line the wild will transform into a random symbol. This can completely destroy a pay line or complete it depending on how lucky you are. That is why it is wild.

Many scatter slot games choose to utilise the wild symbol in their rewards. With so much variety on what both of these special symbols can do they play off each other quite well. For example, landing the scatter across the reels could ensure that all wilds landed will turn into high paying symbols. There are even instances where the wild can become the scatter symbol, transporting the player to an entirely new part of the game.

The relationship that the wild and scatter symbols allows slot developers the chance to really get creative with scatter slot games. That is a fact that only benefits us, the players. Try out as many slot UK games to find the zaniest combo between these two.

Last Notes

A scatter slot game is an online slot game that features the very special scatter symbol. This is important to know as the scatter is what offers the most variety between slot games. Without it, slot games would be very similar across sites and so in a way scatter slot games are a blessing.

Not only this, but the scatter is essential to adding to your multiplier and taking away as much of a games money as you can. The more you score the scatter, the more you stand to win big and reach those ever important jackpots.

Now that you know the function of a scatter symbol, see just how creatively it has been used in online slot games. You might just be surprised.