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The road for top uk slots players and how we can access them has been long but that does not mean that it hasn’t been a fun one. The way that we play slot games has developed and changed so much over the years it is hard to know what will happen next. We started out with brick and mortar casinos and actually had to visit a physical building and pay real money in order to use their selection of casino games. That seems like a distant memory now as most slot games are now available to play online. That’s right. There are hundreds of online casinos around all with their own unique selection of slots and casino games. It became a real boom back in the early 00’s and it seemed that this was the way forward with slots as a massive 78% of slot games were played online as of 2017. But now we have a new competitor to the online casino.

In the last decade we have seen the rise in smart phone technology. Almost everyone can access the internet on these devices and their transportability means that they can do this from anywhere. This has seen the increase in popularity in mobile casinos. In fact the number of players choosing to play slots on their mobile has grown 23% over the last year and shows no sign of slowing down. That is a lot of change for online casino goers to experience over the last 20 years. However, during this period of great change, one thing hasn’t remained a constant. Whether you play at a brick and mortar casino, at an online casino or play slots on your mobile, UK free spins on slot games will always be offered. Why is this? What are free spins and why are they so fundamental to slot games? Read below or check some jackpot slot games here instead.

Deposit for Slot Games

How do Free Spins Work?

To understand free spins we must first look at how a slot game functions. When you play a slot game online or in a physical space the idea of the game in fundamentally the same. The aim of a slot is to match the symbols on the reels and the player does this by spinning. They make a deposit depending on the slots volatility and then will win a multiplier based on how many symbols, if any, they match on a pay line. Different symbols will also have different multipliers attached. Now that we understand this, we can see why free spins are offered so much. Spins are how we play slots and therefore free spins are basically a way of getting a free go. You may sometimes hear free spins referred to as bonus spins.

With this being the case we can understand why players would want free spins and there are plenty of ways to get them. You can:

  • Win them in a bonus round on a slot game
  • Receive them as an online casino welcome bonus
  • Receive them as a loyalty bonus
  • Receive free spins as a reload bonus

There are so many ways in which to encounter free spins they are synonymous with slot games as a whole. There are also ways to receive free spins with no deposit. What does no deposit mean?

How do No Deposit Bonuses work?

As I mentioned previously when describing how a slot game is played, to spin the reels the player needs to make a deposit. This means putting down real money as a stake to try and win the prizes on offer from a spin on the slot. With no deposit slots, you can spin the reels without having to make a deposit. Yep, you get to play slots without putting forward any of your own money. But what if I told you that you can also get free spins with no deposit.

What are Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses?

That is an interesting question and one that I have almost given the answer to already. It basically means that a player is rewarded with an amount of free spins without making a deposit. It is quite rare but there are certain instances where you will come across free spins with no deposit. First things first though.

Do I need to register with an online casino to play slots?

This is a common question and one I can understand people having trepidations about. There are some odd cases but most of the time you do need to register with an online casino to use their slot games. That isn’t a bad thing, as with many you can claim free spins on registration. You aren’t required to use the site every day or anything like that it just a safe and secure practice for depositing and withdrawing funds. Online casinos exercise the best security practises but if you are unsure about online security, always check the terms and conditions to ease your mind.If that is not enough to ease your mind you can always enjoy free spins at a brick and mortar casino. With that out of the way, let’s look at the different ways that you can enjoy free spins with no deposit.

The welcome bonus

We have seen how free spins are beneficial to slots players, but what is the advantage for an online casino, or any casino, to hand out free spins? The answer lies in competition. The benefits that the online casino has given us has caused an influx of new players. More player’s means that more slot games are created and that means that more casino sites are needed to contain all of these slots. So how does an online casino ensure that these new players choose their site to play slots? They offer something called a welcome bonus, a device created to entice players to play their slots. One such bonus is gaining a surplus of free spins when signing up. Plus, these can come without making a deposit. Thus players get to play slots for free with no deposit and the online casino has that player’s custom. Once the amount of free spins that the player receives runs out, they will have to make a deposit of their own to continue playing. If they like the slots they have played then they definitely will want to continue. Everybody wins.

Free slot demos

Another way to use free spins with no deposit is by utilising a demo slot. A demo slot is a version of an upcoming slot game that a developer releases early to be tested by new players. They are completely free to play and are designed to give players a sneak peek look at the slot game before it is fully released.

This does not require players to make a deposit however these demos are only available for a limited time. A slot demo is likely to expire before the real slot game is released in full. You will then have to pay to play the full version. Also, some of the slot games features might not be available in the demo and so you aren’t really playing the full game. This means any opportunity to win some more free spins and therefore this is not really a viable way to play good slots. Both of these methods of playing free slots with no deposit come with another major downside.

Can I make real money with free spins no deposit?

This really is the burning question. Sadly you cannot win any real money when playing slots using free spins from a welcome bonus or a demo slot. It sounds unfair but there is a very good reason for this. Let’s look at some free spins no deposit offers that casino sites are currently offering.

What are common free spins no deposit offers?

Some of the offers for those seeking free spins include the likes of:

  • Top 1 offer a welcome bonus of 25 free spins plus a 2005 bonus
  • Another offer players 20 free spins
  • A top-rated casino is offering 200 free spins
  • Another slots site is offering 120 free spins
  • The last top site offers players 50 free spins as a welcome bonus

All of these offers come with no deposit but always check the terms and conditions of any online casino offer. As you can see, that is a lot of free spins on offer for new players and the casino isn’t receiving a penny for them. Now let’s imagine that a player is lucky enough to win something on just half of their free spins with The Slots Genie. That would be 100 winning spins. That would still be a lot of real money that the casino has to fork out. Now imagine if a significant amount of players are lucky enough to repeat this feat. The casino is forced to pay out a lot of money again and there is no guarantee that the customers will stick around and continue to make a deposit.

In other words, paying out money to players that use free spins with no deposit is a quick way for an online casino to go bankrupt. That would mean we would have nowhere to play slots anymore and nobody wants that.

The work around

There is one way you can actually win money with a free spin with no deposit and I have alluded to this already. Spins are a core part of slot games but what you will find in almost every slot on the market is the ability to win free spins in the game, usually in some sort of bonus round. With this in mind, we can devise a way to get paid without paying a deposit.

With a free spin from a welcome bonus, you are getting a proper look at all the game has to offer. That means all of the bonus features including the ability to win free spins in game. If you use a free spin to win a free spin, you can play this spin as normal. That means winning what you normally would on that spin. It won’t be much as you haven’t built up a multiplier but it is something.

Why give out free spins then?

The purpose of free spins is not to give players the chance to win a lot of money. With all no deposit bonuses, the idea is to give the player an experience and to showcase what slot games are really about. It is almost like a tutorial. The player logs on, doesn’t pay anything and gets to play as many slot games that their free spins allow to decide whether or not the wagering system or casino site is right for them. If not, no one has lost anything for the experience. Free spins with no deposit are for tutorial purposes only. However, there is a way to legitimately win money with free spins.

Are Deposit bonuses Better than No Deposit Spins?

There aren’t just no deposit bonuses out there for us to enjoy. You can also receive free spins via one of these bonuses. What is a deposit bonus? A deposit bonus is a bonus that a player can receive when making a deposit. These are very popular and can benefit players both old and new. They come in all shapes and sizes and are worth taking a look at.

The Matched Deposit Bonus

One such example of a deposit bonus is the matched deposit bonus. This is an offer that is used to lure in new players but can be advantageous to players that know what they are doing. This bonus gives players an extra amount of free credit to use depending on how much they deposit. For example, if you make a deposit of £20 when playing at an online casino, the casino will then give you £20 in further credit.

It is very self-explanatory and is a great way to keep players using your slots. What’s more is that this bonus isn’t exclusive to new players as a welcome bonus. Sites will offer players a matched deposit bonus at any given time making it a perfect tool for both players and casino sites.

Free Spins (again)

That is right. Free spins make a return only this time you are required to make a deposit to receive them. A prominent example of this you will see is something along the lines of deposit £10 and receive 20 free spins. Again, this is another way to stretch your deposit further and these spins can be used on the entire catalogue of slots games. That means players are able to try out slots that they are unsure of without having to pay anything.

For the casino, this is a great offer that gets players exploring your catalogue of content and showing exactly what you have to offer. For those interested in free spins, Slotzo are currently offering 150 free spins to players as well as a whole bunch of other loyalty offers. For us the players, there is one big advantage to the deposit bonus.

Can I win real money with a deposit bonus?

Unlike the no deposit casino bonuses, you can actually withdraw the money that you win with a deposit bonus. This is because you are receiving these bonuses after actually paying the casino something. Therefore, if you manage to win something with the bonus, they aren’t crippled by a lack of funds and are able to function properly. Plus, the casino is often giving out these bonuses to existing players as well. They have already made significant deposits into the online casino and these offers are often used to keep them playing, as we will see in a minute.

Other Common Bonuses

The flow of casino bonuses doesn’t end with whether or not you make a deposit either. There are other reasons for casinos to give out free spins and other rewards.

The loyalty bonus

Online casino sites aren’t just interested in gaining new players. They also want to hold on to the player base that they already have. How do they do this beyond adding more slot games to their library? Well, they offer a loyalty bonus. This is a bonus that can be triggered by players that have been using the casino for a long time. This can be for a month, a year, 2 years or more. The parameters are set entirely by the casino and is a nice way for them to show the player that their custom is still valued and by doing this they are more likely to stick with the site. That means the site receives more of those deposits. These loyalty bonus rewards can be a matched deposit bonus, a free deposit bonus or some more of those much coveted free spins. The possibilities are endless.

The Reload Bonus

What about long time players that have left the fold. Well, that is where the reload bonus comes in. A reload bonus is used to get players that have not visited the online casino for a long time to log on again. How do they do this? When you sign up to use an online casino, you are required to provide some of your details. This is all a formality but one thing that you may be asked to provide is a means of contact such as an email address. By doing this, the casino can then email you with any upcoming promotions but also offer the reload bonus.

This bonus can offer players any of the above like the matched deposit bonus and some free spins. It acts as a gentle reminder and makes the player feel appreciated, coaxing them back to make a deposit once the offer runs out. These two bonuses can be considered as a deposit bonus as they only become available to players once they have played on the site for a long time. In other words, by making multiple deposits over a long period of time. These bonuses and free spins aren’t the only way to play free slots however.

Demo slot mode

There are slots out there that you can play entirely for free. You can tell which slots are free by the title screen when you open up the game. On the first menu, you will be presented with a choice between standard mode and free mode. Standard mode is the full version of the game where you can pay and spin to your hearts content to see whether or not you can win real money. You can withdraw the money that you win in this mode.

In free mode, you do not need to make a deposit to play. You get to experience the full game, bonus rounds and all including the ability to win more spins. The other key difference between the two modes is that you cannot win real money in free mode. The point of free mode is for players to get used to the slots mechanics before making a deposit or it can be played by people that don’t want to wager. There are players out there that enjoy slot games just for the fin of it, after all. Not all slot games offer a free mode of course but there are some that do. Here are some that you might want to try.

Slots that are worth playing with free spins or in free mode

When looking for a slot game to use your free spins on or that you want to test in a free mode, you won’t go far wrong by trying these on Slotzo.

  • Jolly Roger: A pirate themed slot game from Play N Go. On the 5 reels, players need to match up the pirate treasure symbols to win. These include chests, a ring and a golden cross.

There are two bonus rounds available here that divide up into several different features. You can play this with a minimum deposit of 0.20 but it is worth using free spins to navigate these features safely. Then you can really give it a go.

  • Magic Book: Set in the Chinese Orient, Magic book is a 5 by 3 slot that features magic and mystery. Match the symbols across the pay lines and take whatever you can get. There are plenty of ways to win free spins here and so it is well worth a go.
  • Feline Fury: Cat lovers rejoice as these cats are adorable and ready to spin. There are four cat symbols in this slot game that can become wilds. These wilds replace symbols to complete pay lines but also come with multipliers all of their own. This is a high stakes game that players that do not enjoy wagering might want to try for free. These cats are cute enough for those people to miss out.

All of these games are available to play on Slotzo right now and considering there is a deposit bonus of 150 free spins up for grabs, now is the perfect time to do so. There are plenty of other bonuses out there for players that want to try and win some real money too.

Other negatives of free spins

We have established that free spins are one of the best bonuses a player can receive to play slots. However, it is not the best bonus to receive if you want to try out some other casino games. Let’s take a look at blackjack. To play, the player is required to reach the number 21 with the two cards that they are dealt. They can ask for more cards if they are far away from twenty, however this lowers the jackpot. If the player’s cards add up to over 21 they go bust and win nothing.

By looking at how this casino game works, you can see how free spins aren’t really helpful to players that want to play blackjack. The same goes for bingo, poker and other live casino game shows. We get a bit lucky again if we want play roulette but that is the exception. As you can see, people that visit an online casino to play more traditional casino games and not just slots can’t really make use of free spins. That means that a free spins bonus neglects a large portion of casino players.

It isn’t all bad as there are other offers that don’t include free spins, such as the matched deposit bonus, but free spins are the most popular offer out there. But they aren’t universal. One positive a traditional casino games player might find with a free spins is that they can use them to try slot games for free. The original point of free spins. Therefore, by giving out free spins, the casino can lure players over to their slot games that would otherwise ignore them. If you are curious about slots then free spin offers might give the opportunity to try them for the first time. For those casino players that do not like slots, you can use a wide array of other bonues. Just check out all Slotzo has to offer.

What are the Terms and Conditions for free spin bonuses?

As is always the case, you are better off being more safe than sorry. That is true even when money is not involved but always read the terms and conditions before signing up to do anything online. This is to help keep you the player safe and secure. Whether you are required to make a deposit for an offer or not, always check the terms and conditions for any necessary security information or any hidden wagering requirements. While some sites offer free spins without deposit, not all do.

Online casinos will never ask any more from you than is obvious but it does not hurt to check up on exactly what you are agreeing to. This helps to ensure that the casino you are joining is legitimate and the deal or free spins you will receive are real. It is always imperative that we exercise safety and caution when playing slot games online. Terms and conditions are there for a reason. Please read them. To sum up here, there are lots of different ways that you can enjoy free spins with online slot games. You can win them in game or receive them from a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus. The positives and negatives of each have been clearly outlined here. Whatever you choose to use and whatever type of slots player you are, we can all agree on one thing. Free spins are great.