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We can see you’ve been searching for an online casino bonus with no deposit. We aren’t surprised. A no deposit casino bonus can make online slot games, online bingo games, and online poker games really fun.

Whatever your favourite online casino game, online casino bonuses with no deposit can enliven the experience, letting you take a peek at what that casino has to offer before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Online casino bonuses with no deposit are one of the few things you should look out for when playing online slots, or any casino game, in addition to free spins for new players, loyalty offers, free monthly spins, and giveaways.

In this Slots UK article we cover what online casino bonuses with no deposit are, like 10 free spins with no deposit for example, in addition to other bonuses like monthly free spins, the benefits of no deposit bonuses over deposit bonuses, wagering requirements, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare you for choosing online casinos to play slots and other casino games!

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What is a No Deposit Cash Bonus?

Online slots site UK bonuses with no deposit refers to a casino promotion. The casino will provide you with some gambling funds that you do not need to pay for. This means there is no deposit required for new players to begin playing their online casino games. You can make your first deposit later on to play play online slots UK!

Online casino bonuses with no deposit are often awarded for doing a similar range of actions. You may simply have to register to claim your free no deposit bonus, or sign up for a newsletter, or even ‘like’ a social media page. Some online casinos reward players with casino bonuses for verifying their email address or phone number.

Online casino bonuses with no deposit may take the form of real money, or they could be described as ‘free spins’, eligible to use on online slot games. You can still win money on these games, but because they are free you essentially cannot lose. This is what makes them so appealing.

Online casinos love a loyal fanbase, so we are always looking for ways to keep you entertained, and to reward you for your time. This is an excellent way to do just that, as, play your cards right, and you can make some big wins without ever spending a penny! Can you imagine winning 20,000x a stake you were wagering without any deposit!

Other Common Casino Bonuses: Welcome Bonus

A common casino bonus is referred to typically by one of the following names: welcome bonus, new player bonus, 1st deposit bonus, or sign up bonus. In this promotion, the online casino will match a new players deposit. For example, if an online casino offers you a welcome bonus of 100% up to £100, if you deposit £100, you will receive a £100 casino bonus meaning you have £200 play games like online slots!

Welcome bonuses, or new player bonuses, typically range from 50% to 500%, but the most common is 100%. With any of these new player bonuses, you should read the terms and conditions so you’re aware of any restrictions with these bonuses. There may be maximum win conditions, withdrawing restrictions, or just claiming conditions.

To claim your new player bonus, online casinos may require you to use a coupon or a bonus code when registering. You should read all the relevant information regarding bonuses on the online casinos website so you’re aware of how to capitalise on their offers. Online casinos typically have a promotions page where they detail all the information about their bonuses; these can even be used on progressive slot games!

Other Common Casino Bonuses: Monthly Bonus

Monthly bonuses, sometimes referred to as reload bonuses, are when you get free spins or real money on a monthly basis. This is likely to be dependant on your previous month’s activity. This is unlikely to be as high as welcome bonuses, but they should still be a good incentive to spend plentifully at online casinos!

For example, a player deposits funds into their online casino account, known as reloading. The reload bonus allows players to claim a percentage of those funds as a bonus. This percentage could be as high as 150%! The amount you can play with is then increased by this amount.

When we say that this percentage is likely to be dependant on your previous month’s activity, we mean that the longer and more bountiful your relationship with a particular online casino, the better your bonuses are likely to be. So, instead of casino-hopping, it’d be better to pledge your allegiance to a small group of online casinos!

However, it is important to note that you are not forced to accept reload bonuses. You have a choice, and therefore, it is wise to read the terms and conditions so you are aware of any conditions placed on these bonuses. However, they are attractive, and many players do use them to bolster their bankrolls. You just need to make sure you understand them so you can play online slots and more, in a way that suits you.

For example, it is commonplace for online casinos to disallow withdrawing money from your account, and to make it mandatory that you spend any reload bonuses at that particular online casino. Some may even only allow funds to be released if you have played a set number of times. Always check the terms and conditions attached to bonuses.

Other Common Casino Bonuses: Free Spins

Free spins are growing increasingly popular in the online casino industry. They can be referred to as free spins, bonus spins, welcome spins, and cash spins, and are quite self-explanatory. These are spins on an online slot game that you do not have to pay any money to partake in.

The number of free spins you’re offered can greatly vary from online casino to online casino. It’s difficult to give you a guideline on this. But to give you an idea, here at Slots UK, deposit £10 and you will get a free spin on the Mega Reel, where the top prize is a whopping 500 free spins for our top games. Other prizes include 50, 20, and 10 spins.

As always, ensure you read the terms and conditions. It is common for the free spins to expire after some days, or to have restrictions on your winning total, like £100. These free spins will also often be ineligible to use in combination with other promotions and offers, so you can’t use them towards special jackpots or deals.

Free spins are an excellent incentive to drive players to online casinos, and that’s why many online casinos hammer home this bonus in their advertising. Players like playing for free, and free spins are the easiest way to get players onto slot machines without wagering their real money.

You may wonder why online casinos are willing to give away spins in this way. Essentially, it is because these spins do not equate to that much of a loss for the online casino. If it also encourages a player to bring a large portion of their online slot machine business to this casino, the money they will make in the long term will far outweigh the loss of the free spins.

Even better, a player could be introduced to an online slot machine they have never used before through trialling it with free spins. If they fall in love with it, the player will start to make real money deposits, opening a brand new way of extracting money from this player, making it a very smart business decision.

No Deposit Promos Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements refers to a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings. Failure to do this means funds will remain in a pending balance that can only be used in online slot machines.

For example, let’s say you’ve been awarded a welcome bonus. If you are given a £20 online casino bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you must spend £200 before you can withdraw any of your winnings gained from this bonus. Some games have really high return to player percentages, so this is not as difficult as it sounds.

Let’s say you were awarded a free spin bonus. If you get 20 free spins and win £30 overall, with a 10x wagering requirement, you must keep playing with the £30 winnings until you’ve wagered £300. You can then withdraw the money that remains.

Wagering requirements vary from casino to casino, often ranging from 0 to 50x. Of-course, the lower the better, as you’ll be able to withdraw the money quicker. It’s the only drawback with online casino bonuses, as if you lose your bonus trying to play it through, it’s over! No free money for you.

Different games will contribute different amounts to your wagering requirements. Games like Blackjack have a low house edge, so they are often not allowed to be played with online casino bonuses. In general, slots are usually weighted quite high with table and live games weighted significantly lower.

Online casinos implement wagering requirements to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. If online casinos did not enforce wagering requirements, it would be easy to criminals to ‘clean’ their illegally obtained funds by depositing and withdrawing immediately.

Secondly, wagering requirements are also enforced to limit the degree of financial risk the online casino will take. As such, online casino bonuses with no deposit are often subject to the highest levels of wagering requirements, as this is completely free money the online casino is giving away. They want to limit both abuse and genuine financial losses.

Wager-Free Casino Bonuses?

However, there are online casinos that have wager-free casino bonuses. These are, quite literally, a bonus offer that has no wagering requirements attached to it. You can make full use of the spins and money immediately.

As you can imagine, online casinos that offer wager-free casino bonuses tend to offer a smaller bonus in comparison to online casinos that enforce wagering requirements on their bonuses. But even though they are smaller, they are still an excellent promotion as you can withdraw any winnings from this bonus as soon as you want to.

Wager-free online casino bonuses are essentially free money being handed to you. Because it is such a benefit for players, casinos that offer this will certainly place it center stage in their advertising. It is an excellent way of attaining new players.

No Deposit Bonus vs Deposit Bonuses

The highlight of online casino bonuses that need no deposit is that you can test the waters of a casino game, very often an online slot machine, without using your own hard-earned money. It lets you avoid financial risk. If you like the casino game, you can then deposit your own money and carry on playing. It helps you make an informed decision.

Here at Slots UK, we prefer deposit bonuses such as reload bonuses and post-deposit free spins, because they allow us to offer a far more lucrative reward.

Because no deposit bonuses are financially dangerous for online casinos, the reward is often small or with a string of wagering requirements and restrictive terms and conditions. Deposit bonuses require a deposit, so there is a lower likelihood of unsustainable loss and abuse, and therefore, we can give you so much more. Take our 500 free spins for new players for instance, this can really give you a lengthy amount of playing time for free!

With lower wagering requirements, deposit bonuses allow you to withdraw your winnings sooner. You don’t have to continue to gamble your money in order to meet the wagering multiplier, like you will often have to with no deposit bonuses. This can make for a much more exciting and fruitful playing experience. Just imagine losing all your winning because the requirements meant you had to keep on playing!

There is also the fact that it is quite unlikely you will play games at an online casino and never bet any money. If you’re going to deposit real money anyway, you may as well get some lucrative promotions with it, as opposed to picking a no deposit bonus online casino because you think you will never deposit. This will irrationally lead you to take a less advantageous promotion.

Let’s take a look at some examples. Casumo offers 30 no deposit free spins, 777 offers 77 no deposit free spins, and Sky Vegas offers 50 no deposit free spins. None of these even come close to the possible 500 free spins you can get right here at Slots UK after a free spin on our Mega Reel.

Online Casino Offers vs Brick and Mortar Casinos Bonuses

Brick and Mortar Casinos, commonly referred to as land casinos, tend to offer loyalty programmes. Playing on table games, slot machines, and electronic gaming terminals will award you points that you can redeem on food, beverages, and games. For games, this could take the form of chips for live tables, or spins on slot machines.

With such loyalty programmes, there is often a ‘tier’ system, meaning the longer your relationship with them, the better your offers will become. This can result in benefits like improved discount percentages, or complimentary parking, for instance.

Naturally, casinos bonuses are best online. Loyalty schemes are a long-term benefits programme, whereas common online casino bonuses like welcome bonuses, no deposit cash bonuses, and free spins are short term benefits.

You should favour short-term benefits over long-term benefits because they allow you to take full advantage of them as the reward is readily available. Building points on a loyalty programme, for instance, will take several visits to the casino to amount to a worthwhile bonus, as it gradually accumulates over time.

Of-course, you should factor into your playing decision the type of experience you enjoy. Brick and mortar casinos offer a more social environment, letting you socialise with other players, see and feel the equipment, and have a fun night out.

However, online casinos offer a better experience as your odds of winning are often higher on the internet. Lovers of Blackjack can find more favourable house rules online, and slot machine players can find payout rates of 99% online. Such odds are unmatchable by land casinos.

Let’s also not forget progressive jackpots, with online casinos having the biggest prizes. With jackpots shared across multiple sites, they can easily reach £15m or more. The hottest casinos anywhere in the world cannot match such payouts.

Common No Deposit Casino Games

There are some UK casinos that offer no deposit spins on Book of Dead. You’ll like this. It’s an Ancient Egyptian theme, where you will travel into ancient unearthed temples to locate the legendary book of dead and win luxurious prizes. There is maximum win per spin of 5000x your stake!

Some UK casinos that offer no deposit spins may present you with Jacks Pot, an online slot game with an adventurous theme. Brimming with rare rocks and elements, you’ll be a stone age miner looking for symbol payouts of 5000x and 1000x on the winning payline bet. This one’s interesting.

Other UK casinos may offer you Treasure Fair to spend your no deposit bonus. The theme here is an amusement park. Imbued with a huge progressive jackpot and amazing bonus features, this online slot game is designed to keep you thrilled and entertained.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual casino to decide which online slots they will offer as the home of their no deposit bonuses. It also may vary from month to month as new online slots are placed in circulation. It’s wise to keep an eye out on online casinos’ promotions pages to stay abreast of any changes.

If you have a selection of games to choose from, it may be wise to research the slot’s volatility and variance, as these metrics will tell you how often it will payout, the luxuriousness of these payouts, and the game’s level of risk.

Players are different, with some not wanting to take risks, and others enjoying the adrenaline-pumping nature of playing high risk online casino games. High volatility (or variance) casino games suit risk takers, with low volatility games suited towards people hesitant of toying with their bankroll. They’d rather get smaller wins over a longer period of time.


There are many things to consider when looking to play at an online casino that will offer you a bonus. The different types of bonuses certain different types of players. We think welcome bonuses and monthly bonuses are excellent offers for players to take advantage of, as they are likely to be the largest you will encounter, with the most lenient restrictions.

We are not saying no deposit bonuses are worthless, as they will let you trial an online slot game for free, but in the wider scheme of what is on offer, you are selling yourself short. You cannot compare 30 free spins with the 500 free spins we offer here at Slots UK, if you deposit a measly £10 and play the Mega Reel!

When picking a bonus to take advantage of, read the terms and conditions thoroughly, and ensure it suits your interests. Don’t just see an offer that sounds good and commit to it, as it may not be as good as it sounds! We’re all different, and what works for someone else may not work for you. That’s why at Slots UK, we make all the relevant terms and conditions easy to see and understand.

We hope you have fun on your online casino ventures and tell us all about it. Happy hunting!

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