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Online Scratchcards

A scratch card is a piece of plastic or cardboard about the size of a business card, with a thin strip of the opaque, erasable protective layer. Under this layer is information - a set of numbers, a word, or a symbol. In order to see the hidden information, its protective layer must be wiped off or scraped off.

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Introduction of Scratch Cards as Lottery

For the first time, a scratchcard appeared as a lottery ticket and t otally different from regular online slots. It was invented in the USA in the 1980s for drawing the state's instant lottery, and it turned out to be such a successful invention that the lottery win increased several times, which contributed to the spread of scratch cards around the world.

What's Beneath the Enamel of Scratchcards?

For example, they are used as a promo lottery and are now widespread. Promo lotteries are usually held for advertising purposes during company presentations and other promotions. However, the use of cards is not limited to the field of gambling and advertising. They are used to encrypt personal data and access codes for prepaid services. The erasable layer hides codes or passwords for mobile communications, the Internet, and online banking systems.

Different Scratch Types

Thus, according to the purpose of use, scratchcards are divided into:

  • cardboard scratch cards for promo lotteries and draws
  • for prepaid services with hidden personal data on cards
  • card with username and password for customer identification in online services
  • cards with one-time passwords for the bank
  • souvenir scratch cards

What's Under the Erasable Layer?

Secret information - personal data is printed under the opaque protective layer of the scratchcard. This can be a barcode, pin code, password for online banking, a winning number combination, or symbolic lottery ticket images. In order to find out the information, the protective layer of the scratch card must be wiped off with a hard object, for example, a coin.

Using Online Scratchcards At Casinos

A new and relatively good type of lottery is the scratch card, which appeared only in the late 70s of the last century, and they were launched in online casinos in the early 2000s. Let's talk more about scratch cards and find out how to use them, since many players prefer them from slots.

The concept of lotteries using a patch card is unique because it involves an instant drawing, and if successful, the player is instantly rewarded. One of the first American lotteries of this type was called "Instant Play."

Currently, more than a hundred types of scratchcards have been developed. Today, many providers are engaged in the development of such applications, including the Novomatic company. The goal of the scratch game is extremely simple - you need to get a ticket with a winning combination. A combination usually consists of several identical pictures, similarly to online slots games.

At the same time, online casinos outperform each other in the variety of games available, including scratch cards. Different layout, theme, winnings - everything can be customized to suit your preferences. In addition, players can sometimes look forward to additional free bonuses that are not available when we just buy a physical coupon. For example, users can receive additional funds when registering to play or when inviting a friend to the casino. With extra funds, you can try your luck without investing a lot of money. As a result, the pleasure increases, and the chances of winning are increased. Although often the winnings do not exceed a few euros, there are really big jackpots. Online scratch cards also offer a better chance of winning than traditional coupons.

Are there Specific Rules to Be Followed for Online Scratch Games?

The rules of use are very simple:

  • The player buys a ticket through the application or online casino.
  • With the help of a random number generator, symbols are put on the ticket.
  • The player has to crack the symbols, and if h/she can make the pattern then he becomes the winner. However, if the player is unsuccessful in forming the pattern, they must try again.
  • Each combination has a specific reward. If a player collects all the same symbols in a row, he has a chance to hit the jackpot.
  • To know the winning pattern and varieties of the scratch cards, the players can refer to the casino's guide.

It must be kept in mind that the purchased scratch cards are for one-time use only. There are chances that some games may provide bonus rounds for collecting a specific winning combination.

Is there a Specific Way to Play ScratchCards?

Players often ask how to use the scratch card and if they need to register to participate in the draw. Let's make a reservation right away that registration on the online casino website is mandatory. In addition, scratch cards have no demo mode, only paid participation in the lottery is allowed.

After registering and making a deposit, you just need to find the application you like, buy a ticket, and then click on the button to erase the protective cover on the virtual card. If the combination is winning, the player will get back the winnings; if not, the bet will be written off. The principle of the game for scratch cards is absolutely identical. In fact, only the graphics, the interface, and the winning combinations are different.

Best Online Scratchies

There is a diversity of scratch cards on the basis of their types. The following table gives a picture and an estimated payout for these:

Card Type Estimated Payout
Blackjack Themed Scratch Cards Up to £100,000
Roulette-Themed Scratch Cards £10,000
Video-Poker Themed Scratch Cards £10,000
Slots-Themed Scratch cards £100,000

Then we have enlisted the top 6 scratch cards along with some descriptions. These scratch cards have good RTP.

  1. Treasure Raider: Bally developer released the Treasure Raider scratch card game in 2018, and it is compatible with different mobile and desktop devices. It is available for bet limits between £0.5 to £20 and has an RTP of 92%.
  2. Mighty 40: This game is developed by Bally WULFF and features a classic interface. The amount of payment for a lottery ticket is £0.5 to £10. This scratch card has a house edge of 16.6%.
  3. Barn Ville: PariPlay developed this game. From the name, it is easy to guess that the "acting characters" of the game are pets living on the farm. The maximum winning from a scratch card is 100 thousand coins, and its RTP is 94.98%.
  4. Mega Love: it is a romantic-themed scratch card game and inspires the players with clear-cut graphics. After launching this game, you need to indicate your bet limit that ranges from £0.5 to £10 per card. The game has a house edge of 6.1%; however, you need to stay positive because you can get the maximum out of it when your bet is high.
  5. Ocean Fortune: Developed by PariPlay, this online scratch card game offers a 3x3 grid, making the nine available spaces to scratch for a winning combination. This game requires you to reveal three winning creatures to win the reward. The game allows the wagering between £0.5 to £10 as a minimum and maximum limit, respectively. Ocean Fortune’s RTP is 94.9%.
  6. Cash Cuisine: This game was developed by PariPlay, and is based on a cash and crockery theme while offering a 3x3 grid to play. The minimum bet in this game is 1.00 coins, and the maximum is 10 per scratch card. The players have to find the three matching food items to claim the prizes. Payouts are calculated for all matches in the ticket; the size in each case is calculated according to the bet and the coefficient, which is selected by a random number generator. The maximum winning is 100 thousand coins.

In instant lotteries, only cash prizes are drawn. However, some lotteries support the drawing of a cumulative jackpot. The prize fund of such jackpots is formed according to a widespread scheme - a certain percentage is charged from each losing bet of the players, which goes to the jackpot fund.

If any, the one who collects the maximum possible winning combination and wins the risk game will be able to break the jackpot. Other top scratch games you can play at Slots UK Casino are:

Advantages of Instant Games over Casino Games

While classic scratch cards will always be sentimental for many, it must be admitted that online scratch cards have many advantages. Such as: 

  • Like their paper counterparts, they are straightforward in their rules.
  • Any novice fan of virtual gambling will be able to try his luck in this game immediately.
  • You don't need to know the complicated rules of the game or count cards like in baccarat or poker; scratch the field and reveal the symbols.
  • Scratch cards are also a very fast game. You can play during a break at work or on the tram.
  • In the online version, they are available at any time on the screen of a computer or mobile device.
  • You no longer need to leave your home to buy a ticket, as well as collect your winnings.
  • At online casinos, withdrawals occur via online methods.

Some Concluding Thoughts

Lotteries are gradually entering the trend. Of course, volatility in lotteries is prohibitively high, and the probability of staying in positive territory at a distance is almost zero, but you can earn several million dollars in one successful drawing. Jackpots in lotteries are in the tens of millions of dollars.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, £8 MAX WIN PER 10 SPINS, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.