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Do Slot Machines Get Reset & What Happens When They Do?

Do Slot Machines Get Reset & What Happens When They Do?

Slot machines, considered the heart of a casino by many, undergo periodic resets for a multitude of reasons, such as routine maintenance, updating the Return to Player (RTP) rate, or resetting the game following an error. 

This article aims to demystify the processes involved when a slot machine is reset, the impact it has on gameplay, and the various factors influencing slot payouts.

Do Slot Machines Get Reset?

Invariably, slot machines get reset for maintenance and regulatory purposes. Like any other machine, they need routine upkeep and updates to ensure optimal performance and fairness of results. These resets are performed by trained officials under strict regulations to maintain the integrity of the slots and ensure they are not manipulated.

Moreover, these officials are often third-party personnel, unaffiliated with the casino and regulated by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). Therefore, players need not worry about the machines being tampered with, especially when playing at reputable casinos.

How Often Are Slot Machines Reset?

The frequency of slot machine resets is dependent on several factors, including the machine's health, performance, and the casino's policies. While there isn't a standardised timeline, slot machines may be reset following significant wins or when they exhibit performance errors.

Moreover, routine checks of the Random Number Generator (RNG) chip, which ensures that each spin's results are independent and random, may also necessitate a reset. Yet, it is essential to remember that only authorised personnel can perform these resets, ensuring that the integrity of the game is maintained.

What Happens When a Slot Machine Is Reset?

When a slot machine is reset, it undergoes a sort of calibration process to ensure it is functioning optimally. This process can only be conducted by trained personnel or technicians and may involve several steps:

  1. Clearing Error Codes: If the reset was initiated to fix a malfunction, the process should clear any error codes displayed by the machine. 
  2. Calibration: In cases of a hard reset, the machine might undergo calibration to verify that all components, including the RTP rate, the hit frequency, and the coin or bill receptors, are functioning as they should.
  3. Reboot: Post-calibration or after the reset button is pushed, the slot machine may reboot. Once the reboot is completed, the machine's functionality is checked to ensure it is ready for use again.

Do Slot Machines Know How Much Money You Put In?

Modern slot machines use advanced computer technology and can track the amount of money inserted into the machine. 

This information is crucial to the casino for determining the slot's revenue and to calculate payout amounts. The payouts are typically displayed as proportional to the bet amount, so the slot has to know how much you have put in to calculate the payout amount if you win. 

However, the amount of money you put into a slot machine doesn't impact your chances of winning. 

Are You More Likely To Win Right After a Slot Machine Is Reset?

Contrary to popular belief, resetting a slot machine does not influence your chances of winning. Each spin's outcome is independent and determined randomly, regardless of any prior resets. 

The Random Number Generator (RNG) generates random and unpredictable outcomes, and the chances of landing a win are the same on any given spin. The RNG doesn't take previous results into account or any other external factors, such as a slot reset or the time.

Slots are random games of chance, and nothing can be done to alter the chances of winning. Remember to always play within your means and never gamble money you aren't comfortable losing.