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    At Slots UK, we offer the most robust, densely packed selection of premium casino games anywhere in the United Kingdom! We offer a wide range of games: from the most popular casino slots games to exciting innovative indie slots. Win big with our selections of jackpot games or play low-risk-low-stakes with our casual selection of casino games. You can play at our casino tables games on your own, or with real dealers on our live casino games! No matter what you are looking for, Slots UK has an online casino game for you. As our website name suggests, we specialise in UK slots games. So, here is an overview of the history of slot games, and a breakdown of the most popular slot game themes.

    Slots - The History of Slot Games

    The first-ever machine resembling the slot machines we know and love today was Charles August Fey’s Liberty Bell, created in 1887. The machine used playing cards as the three symbols, and payouts were not automatic and had to be retrieved at the bar from whichever saloon owned the machine. Fey would split the winnings from his Liberty Bell, fifty-fifty with the owner. Players would normally win a free drink or meal from the establishment.

    Sittman and Pitt updated this machine in 1891 with their larger Poker Machine. This is normally labelled as the first primitive version of a slot machine. Unlike the Liberty Bell, this machine used 5 playing card symboled reels. However, it also did not yet have an automated pay-out system. This machine exceeded the popularity of its predecessor to become a staple of any wild-western saloon. These establishments were synonymous with gambling, with blackjack, Five Finger Fillet, poker and many more gambling games becoming popular in the American Frontier period.

    The first slot machine to offer an automated pay-out was created in 1908 by Herbet Mills with his Operator Bell machine! Funnily enough, this machine had an optional payout machine attachment which gave out fruit bubblegum, hence the game’s fruit symbols. These food payouts were usually a way to work around the United States’ gambling legislations. The slot machine industry grew and evolved over the years, the Operator Bells of old became video slot machines. The first was Fortune Coin’s Fortune Coin slot machine in 1976, the first of its kind. This invention combined the fun slot games of old with a new modern television-screen style display!

    In 1996, the industry went through a major change when Microgaming developed software to set up the industry’s first online casino! This innovation was a huge success, players flocked to the virtual online casinos, and, over the next decade, it slowly because the most popular platform to gamble on! This hit the profits of physical casinos harshly, many of them had to close. Today, real-life casinos offer customers a luxurious experience which, right now, online casinos are unable to offer. In 2004, Microgaming began developing the industry’s first mobile casino software, and yet again they came and changed the gambling world! Today, nearly all online casinos can be played on mobile platforms. Our site is no different. We offer online casino games, playable on mobile, desktops and tablets, so you can play any time and anywhere. All you need is enough battery and a connection to the internet!

    Online Casino Slots UK - Popular Themes

    Irish Casino Slots

    How lucky are you feeling? If you enjoy green, luscious Celtic lands, then you will adore our collection of Irish casino slot games! Expect beautiful Irish maidens, hilarious drunken leprechauns, clovers, grass greener than where ever you are from, pots of gold and breathtaking rainbows! There are a vast amount of Irish slots to chose from on our Slots UK site. This list includes favourites, such as Irish Fortune, Rainbow Riches, Irish Eyes & Irish Eyes 2, Irish Luck, Finn and the Swirly Spin and so many more to pick off the ground.

    Horror UK Video Slots

    Boo! If you like your slot games to be bone-chilling, frightening affairs then why not try out a Horror-themed slot game? Find your slot-salad dossed in blood, guts and darkness in these terrifying extravaganzas! If you want a terrifying taste of one of these grotesque games, look no further than Deadworld, Halloween Horrors, Lost Vegas: Zombies Scratch, Universal Monsters: Dracula and herds more!

    TV & Film Slots

    Why not play a slot game version of your favourite film or television show? Find fully licensed slot games, with your favourite images, characters and music from official television shows and films! Some of our favourites include Narcos: Video Slot, Planet of the Apes, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Ozzy Osbourne: Video Slots, Game of Thrones: Online Slots and plenty more to flick through!

    Pirate UK Slots

    Arghh - aboard me’ship, me’ maties! There are definitely plenty of hidden treasures in our countless stacks of pirate slot games. Expect unkempt beards, missing limbs, treasure chests and maps in these eye-gouging UK slots. So, set sail to find your hidden treasure. You can find them in online slot titles, such as Boom Pirates, Pirate from the East, Blackbeard’s Quest, Hook’s Heroes and plenty more, matie!

    Final Statement on Slots UK Games

    You’ve learned about the history of the slot and casino industry, you have learned about the themes that these games often implement, now it’s time to play! Online casino gaming is extremely fun and easy to do. In the UK, the gambling industry is huge! In fact, it was reported in the Guardian that in 2017, the UK gambling market was worth fourteen billion pounds a year! Gambling companies are now a high-street stable, and one of the most common football shirt sponsors in the premier league and the championship. However, the UK are no pushovers. The United Kingdom has one of the strictest regulating bodies on the planet, and takes the health and safety of its users very seriously. So, come to Slots UK and find your perfect online casino games, today!