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What Is The Ugga Bugga Slot Machine?

What Is The Ugga Bugga Slot Machine?

The Ugga Bugga slot machine stood out due to its unusual reel system. Unlike common slots, this particular machine was designed with a structure of 10 3-reel, 1-row grids. It's a distinctive element that isn't seen in many other casino slot machine games.

This slot machine became known for its high RTP (Return To Player) rate of 99.07%.

Is Ugga Bugga a Real Slot Machine?

Yes, the Ugga Bugga slot machine is a genuine creation from the renowned gaming giant Playtech. 

Launched in July 2006, this game has garnered a fair share of fans thanks to its unique design and gameplay, as well as its extremely high RTP rate. Ugga Bugga also offered the chance to potentially win up to 1,000x your stake.

However, the slot game has been discontinued, so it is no longer available to play.

What Does The Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Look Like?

As you loaded up the Ugga Bugga slot game, you would be greeted by its exotic jungle theme, complete with symbols like idols, warriors, and artefacts from African tribal culture. But what truly set Ugga Bugga apart were its expandable wilds and the warrior scatter symbol.

The idol, which served as the expandable wild, could replace any symbol on the reels (except the scatter). However, in Ugga Bugga, players had the option of holding wilds, allowing them to expand to all pay lines, potentially increasing their chances of a win.

Meanwhile, the warrior scatter symbol came with its own set of benefits. Unlike most real money slots, the scatter symbol in Ugga Bugga provided regular payouts whenever a player landed one or more on a pay line.

How To Play The Ugga Bugga Slot Machine

Playing Ugga Bugga wasn't just about spinning the reels. It was about strategising which positions you held. 

After your initial spin, you had the chance to hold certain symbols before spinning a second set of reels. What's interesting is that your stake only counted for the first spin, marking the start of your turn. You then cycled through these reels in one significant 'turn', potentially resulting in a payout at the end.

Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Las Vegas Casino Locations

Although Ugga Bugga was primarily an online slot game, it's not uncommon for popular online games to have real-world counterparts in physical casinos. 

However, this slot machine's availability in physical locations like Las Vegas casinos is subject to licensing and distribution agreements. Also, with it being discontinued online, it's likely the same has happened with physical slot machines as well.

Playtech: The Name Behind The High-RTP Ugga Bugga Slot

Playtech, a prominent name in the gaming industry, is the creator behind the Ugga Bugga slot machine. Known for their innovative approach to game design, Playtech has stayed true to form with Ugga Bugga. 

Despite its release back in 2006, this slot game continues to remain popular among players, with many players trying to find places to play it, primarily due to its high RTP of 99.07%. This impressive figure is one of the highest RTP rates offered in a slot game by any developer, not just Playtech.


The Ugga Bugga slot machine remains one of the most searched-for mobile slot games due to its unique gameplay and exceptionally high RTP despite having been discontinued. 

So, while this slot has caused quite a buzz within the world of slot games, it is unavailable to play online. However, you can find a range of other incredible high-RTP new online slots of various themes and features right here at Slots UK. Click the Join Now button to begin creating an account.

Unfortunately, this slot game is not currently available to play online at Slots UK.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.