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Mobile Deposit Casino

How can I deposit at an online casino using my mobile?

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Playing slots UK online on mobile is very much the same as playing anywhere else. The player needs to set a wager, spin the reels and try to match up 3, 4 or 5 of the game’s symbols, depending on the reel size. If they are successful they will win a multiplication of their wager based on the type of symbol matched and how many are in the pay line.

A few bonus features will be added to this formula to extend the game experience but by and large, this is how all slot games work. That is also true of mobile casino slots.

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How can I deposit at an online casino using my mobile?

Since playing a deposit by mobile slot on your phone is relatively the same, you will find that a lot of the deposit methods are also the same. To make a deposit at an online casino when using your mobile phone you can use:

  • Bank transfer: this is the most obvious choice. The player will be asked to provide their card details when signing up to the casino site. From here, they can transfer money straight into their casino account from their bank to use as a deposit to play slots. They can withdraw from the site to their bank just as easily.
  • Digital Wallets: digital wallets come in all shapes and sizes. You may be familiar with PayPal. They act as a secure middle man between the casino and the player’s bank account. The player puts money into this digital wallet and then transfers it to the online casino to be sued as a deposit. This works as a more secure way to play online. Other examples of digital wallets include PaySafe Card, Skrill and Neteller. Be advised that these types of services do come with additional charges.
  • Cryptocurrency: a relatively new payment method, cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that comes as a strip of information. This means that it can be easily traced if misused. The downside to using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as a deposit is that its value is directly tied to the stock market. This means that its value may dip after you have withdrawn a jackpot.

These are all valid deposit methods to use to play mobile slots however, we can clearly see that these all come with their own unique flaws. That is why it is best to use the pay by phone method.

What is the pay by phone casino method?

The mobile slots pay by phone bill method allows players to use their phone to pay for their slot game deposits. Instead of making lots of little deposits over time, all of the player’s deposits are added together and need to be paid at the end of the month alongside the player’s phone bill.

As you can see, this is great for players that wish to play mobile slots as you already have the phone contract. This means that you trust your service provider enough to do business with them like this again. The pay by phone method removes so many obstacles that come with making a deposit to play mobile slots. So, who can use the pay by phone bill method?

Which phone providers can I use for casino?

To make the pay by phone casino a reality, online casinos and phone companies had to come together to make the service work in a way that benefits both parties. With more and more people using their phones to play slots, it only made sense for the online casinos to look for ways to make this more secure. They could lose business otherwise. There is already a large number of phone providers that provide the pay by phone bill service and many more are expected to follow.

Players can use these providers:

  • Virgin
  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • EE
  • Three

Benefits of Pay by Mobile Deposits

The pay by phone casino method must exist for a reason. The casinos and phone companies saw a gap in the market and decided to create a way for players to pay for slots with their phone. But why?

The benefits of using pay by phone deposits at a casino include:

  • Security: This is the biggest and most obvious one. Without having to make lots of individual deposits, the player is reducing the risk of being hacked by unfriendly eyes. When playing mobile slots on the move, you will need to drop in and out of different internet connections. The security of these is not known and that is why it is best to not make payments through them. Plus, with pay by phone, there is no need for the casino site to have access to your bank details. This means that these details are not being held somewhere, ready to be taken by some savvy hacker. As I mentioned before, if you trust your phone provider then you can trust the pay by phone bill method.
  • Convenience: This goes hand in hand with mobile slots as a whole but is still worth mentioning. Mobile slots allow players to use slot games whilst on the move. You can play whilst travelling, at your friend’s house or anywhere else for that matter, so long as you have a secure internet connection. Without the need to keep paying deposits over and over, the pay by phone method removes a tiresome process out of playing slot games. This makes the experience quicker and all the more convenient.
  • No hidden charges: As I said before, some third party methods, such as PayPal, come with additional charges when used by players. This seems a little unfair for players that are just looking for a bit of extra security. The pay by phone method does not come with any additional charges, only the deposits that you make during the month. Always check the terms with your phone provider first if you wish to be certain that there are no additional charges or requirements from the player.

This pay by phone method must sound great, so how do you find a casino that allows it?

How to find a Mobile Deposit Casino

It is really easy to find a casino that allows players to use the pay by phone method. All it takes is a quick google or search for a mobile deposit casino. Then find the site that you think sounds best, read the terms and conditions and then sign up.

Signing up to use one of these mobile deposit casinos, such as Slots UK, is simple and can be achieved by following this process:

  • Click on the login tab at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the register tab. Click it.
  • Enter your details and confirm your email address
  • You will be asked to select a payment method. Select pay by phone and you will then need to provide more details about your phone contract. This is done to set up a link between the phone company and the online casino
  • Then, use the pay by phone method to make your first deposit of £10 or more and start playing mobile slots.

This process should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Once finished, you will be able to play at Slots UK using the pay by phone method.

Can I make withdrawals with the pay by phone method?

It might come as a shock but unfortunately, players cannot use the pay by phone method to withdraw any potential winnings from the casino site. In other words, the money that you may win will not be taken off of your phone bill at the end of the month.

Therefore, players will need to use a different method to withdraw money from an online casino. That isn’t that disruptive as there are plenty of other methods to use such as bank transfer and digital wallets. The charges will not be as grievous when only using the digital wallet one way and players can always wait until they are connected to their own home internet to withdraw via bank transfer. This will negate some of the security issues faced by such a method.

To make a withdrawal from Slots UK, players must:

  • Log into their casino account
  • Select their wallet page
  • Click on the withdrawal tab
  • Choose how you wish to withdraw your funds
  • Enter the amount that you wish to transfer
  • Double-check this amount
  • Click confirm

It is always easy to do things at Slots UK.

Should I play slots at a Mobile Deposit Casino?

The mobile deposit casino has made some big steps in allowing players to make deposits safely and securely by using the pay by phone bill method. This makes playing mobile slots a lot more appealing. So long as players are content to find a safe withdrawal method and they understand the terms and conditions of a mobile deposit casino, they are ready to start playing mobile slots with the pay by phone method.